Teacher Education

This is a great time to become a teacher! Between 2014 and 2024, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects nearly 1.9 million job openings for teachers of preschool through high school. (US Bureau of Labor & Statistics)Many of these job openings are a result of the many teachers expected to retire in the next ten years. Teacher Education offers you the opportunity to find out if you have what it takes to be an educator in this ever changing, very demanding occupation. In Teacher Ed you will learn what it takes to become an effective teacher. You’ll learn how to create safe and supportive learning environments where students can thrive, and how to plan developmentally appropriate and challenging learning experiences for students of all ages. As you go through the program you will collaborate with colleagues, classroom teachers at all levels, school leaders, families and members of the community to better understand and support learners of all ages and abilities.


This 2-year program for juniors and seniors is designed to give students both the academic and the work-based learning experience they need before pursuing a teaching career. Teacher Education is a Running Start program which gives you the opportunity to get a head start on reaching your goal by earning college credit towards a 2-or 4-year college degree. You will have the opportunity to graduate from high school with college credits that are transferable to just about any college.

Teacher Ed Students are teaching from day 1!

Little Leopards Learning Center

Teacher Education I students are in a real classroom within the first few weeks of school. In our onsite developmentally appropriate preschool for 3 and 4 year olds, students are observing and working directly with preschoolers, practicing their skills and teaching lessons under the guidance of Early Childhood Professionals.

Elementary, Middle and High School

Teacher Education I students also have the opportunity to observe and interact with students at all age levels K-12 as they explore each age group and subject.

Gallen CTC - Teacer EducationAll Teacher Education students become members of Educators Rising. This CTSO (Career and Tech Student Organization), allows students to gain even more experience as professionals. As ER members, students work with children and families by participating and volunteering at various community events such as the North Country Literacy Day. In addition to social events, ER members also volunteer to serve as babysitters during many community events. They raise money for children’s charities and host family fun nights for the Little Leopard preschoolers and their families. In the past, ER members have had the opportunity to travel to the State and National ER Conference, where they met students from all over the United States and participated in competitive events.


Are you interested in one of these careers? Teachers are not just found in schools. Educators and trainers can be found in every working environment. This is only a partial list of professionals who use teaching skills every day:

  • Classroom/Schools:
    • Classroom Teachers
    • Speech and Language Pathologists
    • Adult Education
    • Special Education Teachers
    • ELL and ESL teachers
    • Behavior Specialists
  • Business / Social:
    • Human resources
    • Training employees on safety
    • Child Care Directors
    • Social Workers
    • Training employees on procedures
  • Recreation:
    • Camp counselors
    • Directors
    • Coaches / sports
    • Museum guides

Teacher Education 1

This course introduces students to the basic knowledge needed to pursue a career in education. Whether it’s in a traditional classroom, outdoor recreational setting or an adult training center all teachers need the same skills and techniques to be successful. Students explore the numerous job opportunities in the education and training field as they visit many classrooms, observing students of all ages and veteran teachers that have a wide range of styles and techniques.

In the preschool lab, students learn how to create interactive, engaging learning environments that reflect best practices. They create and present lessons that are focused and meaningful while they practice their teaching skills and develop their own philosophy of teaching.

In the classroom, students study the history of education and its relevance in today’s changing world. We discuss and debate current issues that are affecting education now and explore the vision of education in the future.

Teacher Education 2

Learn about the field of education in a work study environment. Students delve into specific professions they are interested in by doing job shadows and professional observations during the first semester.

During second semester students can participate in field studies where they spend two or three days a week working in a school environment with a veteran classroom teacher. Field site locations can also be arranged for special education, speech and language, guidance or administration.

In the classroom, students learn about curriculum development, education standards, assessment, and how schools are governed. As part of the course work, we also examine the ethical and legal aspects of working in a teaching environment including the field of special education.