Welcome to the Gallen Career & Technical Center

The Hugh J. Gallen Career and Technical Center provides a rigorous and relevant education for students from Littleton High School and our regional high schools which include: Groveton (Stratford), Profile, Lisbon, Lin-Wood, White Mountains Regional, and Littleton Charter Academy.

The Hugh J. Gallen Career and Technical Center has four main goals which focus on students being “College and Career Ready”:

  • For students to experience success in program and industry competencies
  • To prepare students with skills, credentials, and college credit that will give them an advantage in the job market
  • To develop employability skills (soft skills)
  • To prepare students to continue their education at two or four-year post-secondary institutions, colleges and universities

Career and Technical programs provide our students with the theory and practical application through the use of state-of-the-art technologies. Our students leave our programs with the knowledge and skills necessary to be competitive at entry level employment or at post-secondary studies. In addition, all of our students must successfully meet national competencies. Our students also often achieve a credential recognized throughout the respected industry. In most of our programs, students have the opportunity to also earn college credit.

Programs offered at the Center and faculty includes:

  • Accounting – Lori Spencer
  • Automotive Technology – Dan Brodien
  • Video Production – Nathan Read
  • Computer Systems Technology – Carl Anderson
  • Construction Technology – Ben Tilton
  • Essentials of Finance/Global Commerce – Lori Spencer
  • EMS – Roger Daigle
  • Health Science Technology – Roger Daigle, Dana O’Hara
  • Teacher Education – Stephanie Lemay
  • Technology/Engineering – Nathan Read
  • Work Site Learning/Student Services – Alan Smith

Other elective courses include:
Graphic Design, Computer Literacy (HS and MS), Desktop Publishing, Introduction to Technology (DBMS), Desktop Publishing, Web Page Design, Intro to Automotive, Welding, Woodworking (HS and MS), Child Development, and Health.

Learn more about our programs to find one that interests you!

View a Video Produced by CTC Students about the program