Automotive Technology

If you are interested  in the  fast growing  automotive  and transportation industry  including auto technician, truck  and diesel  technician,  auto  collision  technician,  motorcycle   and boat maintenance as well as many engineering and fabrication industries, this course is for you.

Automotive 1

This is the first in a two-year program   designed  for   juniors   and  seniors.  This  program follows  an ASE  certified  curriculum and is sponsored by the NH Auto  Dealers Association.   Students  gain hands on skills working  on vehicles in the newly constructed  shop with  nine vehicle   lifts.   First  year  students  will  learn  about  safe tool usage, shop  practices  and  lift  safety, as well  as preventive maintenance,  braking, and suspension systems.

Students will earn  the  SP2 safety  certification, All Lift  certification, and Valvoline Oil certification. This course will prepare students to take  the   ASE certification  tests  in  brake  and  suspension systems.
CTSO Affiliate: Skills USA

Automotive 2

This  program   completes   an  ASE certified   curriculum which  is sponsored by the  NH Auto Dealers Association. This course will  cover two  sections – electrical fundamentals  and engine    performance.   The   electrical   section   will   include fundamentals  and auto  systems troubleshooting. The engine performance  section  will   cover  engine  rebuilding  and  the latest  in  computerized  engine scanner diagnostics and check engine  codes. The  second  year  student  will  also  have  the opportunity to  learn  welding  and fabrication  skills.

The Auto Club,   a  chapter   of   Skills  USA,  is  involved   in  two   auto competitions   with    many   scholarships   available   to    top competitors.

Auto  II students  are encouraged to take part  in the  Co-op Program to work  in local shops and dealerships in the   community.   We  are  visited   by  colleges  offering   auto technology,   truck   and  diesel   technology,   collision   repair, airplane  technology, welding  technology, motorcycle and boat technician  technology. This course will prepare the student to take  the   ASE certification  tests   in  electrical   and  engine performance. CTSO Affiliate: Skills USA

Program Partners
North Country Ford, Littleton Chevrolet, Crosstown motors, Littleton Imports, Merrill’s Automotive Service, Laflamme Service Center, Team O’Neal Rally School, JR’s Cycle Repair.

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