The state of the art video production facility at The Gallen Career Center is complete with a fully equipped broadcasting studio, control room and video editing annex. Students work with the live edit video switcher, audio mixing board, title editor and teleprompter equipment to complete a variety of digital film and video productions.

Students have access to 3 HD cameras, 3 live feed monitors, 3 synchronized teleprompter stations, a full green screen wall, and an LED lighting array with DMX controller. For post-production there is an editing annex which is complete with five computers (both Mac & PC) running various video editing and creative/design software titles.

Digital Video 1

The redesigned Digital Video Production program (formerly Broadcast Technology) encompasses a variety of industry standard film and television roles. The focus of the program offers students a chance to work with cameras, audio mixing, studio lighting, green screen equipment, as well as graphics creation and video editing software. The first two semesters of the course are designed to give students a fundamental overview of the production industry as a whole, encouraging them to be active participants in various filming projects.

Students will learn about planning during weekly production meetings, script writing, directing and filming, editing and post production, as well as sound and graphics creation. Using the state of the art broadcasting studio as a cornerstone of the learning, students will edit live footage, utilize chroma key (green screen) technology, work with various cameras and lighting set ups, and produce a variety of short films, television segments, documentaries, and PSAs. Year one students will work with year two students as assistants on the year two short film projects.

Digital Video 2

During year two, students will work as independent filmmakers and will be required to manage and direct year one students during the creation and production of their own projects: news shows, documentaries, commercials, PSAs and other independent productions. They will work with actual customers, creating a production plan, budgeting time and money for commercials to be aired for channel 2 patrons. They will film local meetings and events for channel 2, go on location and do scouting/reporting for the year one news stories, and create short PSAs.

Each of the student’s independent projects will be put together into a digital portfolio that can be presented to a school as proof of their ability to write, edit, direct, create, and produce a wide range of digital video works. Completing this 2 year course, students will find that they are well prepared for a future education or work in any number of the fields that are encompassed within the “Digital Video” career path.