High school students and their parents are invited to an Open House at the Hugh J. Gallen Career & Technical Center at Littleton High School at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 16. The event is an opportunity to obtain information and ask questions about the many career pathways available to students.

“All students should be thinking about a career pathway, and here at the Hugh Gallen Career Center we focus on preparing students to be college and career ready,” says Alan Smith, the Center’s director.

The Center’s curriculum exposes students to a number of career pathways and equips them with a variety of real-life career skills, credentials and college credits that give them an advantage in the job market and post-secondary education.

Smith notes that years ago many career and technical education (CTE) students might not pursue a college degree, but today the majority of students in the program do go on to college and successful careers in their chosen fields.

Located at Littleton High School, the Career and Technical Education Center is open to 11 and 12 grade students from around the region, including Franconia, Sugar Hill, Lisbon, Lincoln, Lancaster, Dalton, Whitefield, Littleton, and Groveton.

Programs offered include: Accounting, Automotive Technology, Video Production, Computer Systems Technology, Construction Technology, Essentials of Finance/Global Commerce, EMS, Health Science Technology, Teacher Education, and Technology/Engineering.

Other elective courses include: Graphic Design, Computer Literacy, Desktop Publishing, Introduction to Technology, Web Page Design, Intro to Automotive, Welding, Woodworking, Child Development and Health.

Students can elect to receive college credits for their work, which are transferrable to two- and four-year institutions, and in their senior year some students participate in internships at local businesses, which gives them hands-on experience in a real business environment.

“Students in our programs receive a leg-up with college credits behind them and gain an understanding of the opportunities available in their chosen field. Our classes prepare them with the real and practical knowledge they need to succeed,” says Smith.

For example, students in the Health Sciences program have the opportunity to earn their LNA certification before they graduate from high school, a unique advantage if they decide to major in a health care field in college. Plus, it’s a great employment opportunity while they are studying for a degree.

The Center runs a pre-school on site. Students in the Teacher Ed program work in a real classroom within the first few weeks of school and can earn college credits that are transferrable to most two- and four-year colleges. The program also exposes them to other professions that employ teaching skills like speech and language pathologists, behavior specialists, social workers, coaches, camp directors, museum guides, and many more.

“Our Center has an amazing array of equipment and technology you ordinarily wouldn’t see in a high school,” says Smith. “It’s worth a trip to attend the Open House and see what we have to offer. It’s a time to ask questions about the courses and learn about our working relationships with local employers and many colleges. Our students have so many options and with the classes they complete here can make a seamless transition to college or the work force.”

During the Open House, faculty along with Ambassador Students (students who are already enrolled in the program) will be available to speak with students and their parents. “We feel it’s important that students can talk to students to get the real deal on what we offer here,” Smith says.

Hope to see you on March 16!